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[PDF] 2023 Mid-Year Economic Update
Overall, inflation has fallen from 9% to 3%. But core inflation is still a high 4.8%.
(August 2023)

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[PDF] Creating a Cell and Gene Platform to Reprogram Patient T-Cells to Attack and Destroy Solid Tumor Cancer Cells
The financial upside for investors in developing a therapy that teaches the human immune system to kill solid tumor cancer cells using CAR-T Cell Therapy amounts to $1.96 Billion market annually
(February 8, 2023)

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Revolutionizing the $22 Billion Multiple Sclerosis Drug Treatment Market
FSD Pharma, a biotech company at the forefront of the cutting-edge creation UNBUZZED™, a rapid alcohol detoxification drink, has been granted the privilege to present its groundbreaking Phase 1 data on Lucid-MS at the prestigious MSMilan 2023 – 9th Joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS Meeting.
(#061: August 17, 2023)

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RYSE the "Next Big Thing" UPDATE
The Next Big Smart Home and Office Innovation That Could Easily Surpass Ring and Nest!
(#015: May 31, 2023)

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Special Bonus Issue
I just finished reading the latest issue of Strategic Investment’s sister publication World Opportunity Investor (WOI), which I am proud to publish ceremonially, and I think it’s amazing.
(#001: March 27, 2023)

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