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[PDF] Will the Next Reserve Currency Evolve In the Direction of Sound Money?
Once upon a time, when our economy was far from being the most rich and powerful in the world, the United States created the rules for the rest of the world to follow. We lost some of our sparkle. As investors, one of the mysteries we must solve is the timing and circumstances surrounding the dollar's likely decline from reserve currency status.
(June 2022)

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[PDF] Ground-Floor Gold Co. Positioned to Profit from Gold Mining in Columbia
At 50 cents a share, I believe this stock could rise 500% to 1000% in the next 24-36 months!
(June 14, 2022)

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Strategic Investment is Shorting 1000 Shares of DWAC!
(Investing in DWAC is investment suicide.)
(#053: May 19, 2022)

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The Quick Sand of Incompetence
There is a quicksand of Incompetence gumming up the economy today!
(#010: July 27, 2021)

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